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The Education Bank is home to approximately 550 diverse families who bring us 1,600 kids that we help to inspire, support and celebrate.

To qualify for our services and programs, the annual household income for the family must be less than $40,000. Contrary to some research that students in financially challenged homes do not achieve the same academic success as more affluent students, our experience has been the complete opposite. Our kids are brilliant – they simply need a hand up so they can learn and develop their talents to their fullest potential.

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Family Spotlight

Meet Neeshith (left) and his family

Being a single parent is financially challenging enough and the support from the Ed Bank was a blessing to my family.

My children has been fortunate enough to receive stationary, school supplies, reading books, participate in extra-curricular events like book club, art class, music class, events like Back-To-School, Halloween and Christmas gift give-away.

During our every visit the wonderful team at the Ed Bank has happily welcomed and have made us felt valued. Even during the pandemic we were served by placing online orders and offered curb-side pick up, which showes how dedicated the Ed Bank is to the families its serves.

My oldest daughter (14) also got an opportunity to participate and represent the Ed Bank’s Robotics team at a provincial competition, where she was introduced to robotics, learned coding, gained leadership skills and made new friends. My daughter values the contribution that Ed Bank has made to our lives, and as a way of giving back to the community, she also volunteers at the Ed Bank.

Needless to say, we appreciate the efforts and contribution that Ed Bank has been making to the lives of families in the community. We hope the Ed Bank receives even more support from the government and corporates so that Ed Bank can continue to support families in making Canada a place where dreams can continue to be fulfilled!