About Us

Parents Engaged in Education, a charity established in 2015, responded to the educational inequities made more pronounced during the COVID pandemic by opening Canada’s First Education Bank in February 2021.

The Education Bank provides children up to 18 years old, in the Greater Toronto Area, with free school supplies, great books, fun activities, amenities for self-care, mental health resources and technology. It is built on the belief that you cannot just give a child a book, and not the support to improve their reading and literacy skills. At The Education Bank, our kids can participate in learning and creative programs that let them increase their learning as well as have an outlet to explore their creativity.

Ultimately, we believe that every child has the right to a fulfilling education. Imagine, if you can, the mental health affect on a child who has to ask the teacher if she can lend him/her/they a pencil or crayons. Think how your child would feel, if that were them. We do not ever want a child to feel diminished in their own eyes and the eyes of their peers.

We are committed to building strong partnerships with industry and post-secondary institutions that open opportunities for our families to feel included and empowered to be sure their child can achieve their dreams through hard work and commitment to their education.

Executive Director Theresa Pastore welcomes visitors at the opening of The Education Bank. February 2021

Our Mission

Supporting children and their families

We support families on a fixed income by providing access to educational resources to empower learning and engagement.

All Ontario students in grades 3, 6, 9, and 10 take the provincial EQAO test. Be prepared!


We serve all communities in the GTA for children and youth to access books, learning materials, activities and amenities needed for self-care.

The Education Bank is stocked with educational materials for kids to take home.


The Education Bank, located within the Family Service Centre, provides a safe, inclusive, and welcoming space for families with children and youth.

Volunteers from the community support the community in our programs.

Meet Our Team

Theresa Pastore

Founder and Executive Director

Theresa has been a parent involved in their education of her children and a volunteer at school for almost 30 years. Volunteering at the school, regional and provincial levels, Theresa’s focus has always been on raising up children to succeed.

Board of Directors

Julie Aube

Naveen Balakrishnan

Tracy Deans

Dennis Kan

Winnie Mak

Agapi Mavridis

Karina Sidhu

Advisory Board

Oula Almadhoun

Mehreen Tanwiri

Contact Us

The Education Bank
857 Milner Ave. Unit 104
Scarborough, ON
M1B 5N6

Phone: 416-546-1489
Email: parentengagementgroup@gmail.com